Medical Transcription Outsourcing – Affordable Services

Medical transcription is the process of converting audio records of the patient-healthcare professional encounter into text format. By creating patient records, it is an integral part of the healthcare process both in the operational and commercial aspects. Though it is vital for the smooth running of the healthcare facility, it is not part of the […]

Importance of Medical Transcription in Healthcare

Medical transcriptionists often work at the periphery of the healthcare delivery system and have little to do with direct patient care. However, healthcare documentation, under which medical transcription falls, is one of the most significant functions in this industry. Medical transcription – Why is it Important? There are several reasons why MT is an important […]

Medical Transcription – The Myths and Truths

In recent times there have been many myths and misconceptions regarding medical transcription, giving it a bad press. Given below are a few myths: Medical transcription is easy and anybody can be a transcriptionist: This is a common myth about transcription, given that entry into this profession is relatively easy. No formal qualifications are required […]